Greetings, fellow travelers of the grand causeway of life and beyond. This is my first blog, though not my first writing experience. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Savva Pouroullis, a Greek South African. Although I am young, I have been writing for several years. My first serious writing experience came in the form of short monthly articles in a local newspaper, starting at 400 words and eventually working my way up to the 1500 word mark. This column was titled Inside the Minds of Teenagers. It was an endeavour on my part to explore and explain the multitude of topics which piqued my interest and compelled me to higher thought.

Now, five years after that journey began, I am on the verge of completing and publishing my first novel, where I explore the myriad of philosophies I have accumulated and test the literary skills I have acquired. It is titled War of the Element. More on that later. I’ll do the promotions in a separate blog post. If you’re interested, look out for it.

Now, I’m sure you’re waiting to see what exactly these blog posts will be about. To be entirely frank, I am not sure myself. I’m starting the post to promote my novel and to discuss the issues I explore therein. But, of course, teenagers are quite spontaneous and impulsive. I may just decide to ramble on about my experiences on GTA 5, my musical interests, or the works of Nietzsche, if I so wish. In fact, I probably will. Don’t move too far from the wireless.

Credit to David A. Hardy for allowing me free use of his original artwork as my header image. It’s a lovely conceptual art piece from Titan’s surface looking up at Saturn. Titan happens to be a key setting in my novel. Check out his other pieces at www.astroart.org.



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