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Let’s take a break from politics. I like to do a light-hearted music post once in a while, especially considering I’m busy writing my final school exams, and since I’ve explored so many genres which sound epic and yet receive so little attention, I thought I’d share some A Capella stuff with all of you.

Pentatonix is by far the biggest group out there, and by my judgement, they deserve it. Their group consists of a tenor, a female, who I would say can sing pretty high but sings in the middle too often to be called a soprano, a mid-range guy (Don’t know what to call that, actually), a bass singer who pretty much functions as a part of the beat too, and a very talented human beat-box (who is famous in his own right on youtube for playing the cello while beatboxing).

Part of their appeal to me is that they remained loyal on youtube, and that’s my domain. Unlike some other artists/youtubers who debuted on youtube and then abandoned their fandom when things became better for them (That’s you guys, Bieber, Dawson, Fred, among others), PTX has continuously and consistently posted new content on youtube spreading across many genres. They even did a history of music video, touching on stuff from the Renaissance to now. While they have yet to cover anything Van Canto style (Long Live the Metal), I am impressed nonetheless.

Please watch their new daft punk medley cover. It is fantastic. You will experience ecstasy in your ears.

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Choose your Guitar Hero

I once had a speed metal phase – didn’t we all?

In my explorations I stumbled upon some amazing work – things that I eventually began to take for granted as I found more and more of it, to my shame. However, it still never ceases to elicit the total adulation of people who are somewhat inexperienced in the fast-paced genre of heavy metal. In the interest of making sure you, the reader, understand (to a degree) the intense work needed to pull off these virtuoso pieces, I will post videos rather than audio files. I want you to sweat from your eyeballs when you see this content, and i want your ears to spasm in awe and terror as you listen to the sound of the gods. Then I want you to pick your favourite guitarist and worship him.

First off, one of my absolute favourites: Paul Gilbert performing Technical Difficulties in the studio. He’s fast, his instrumentals sound great and he has fingers longer than my arm

Next we have John Petrucci performing Glasgow Kiss live in the days when he had long hair. I don’t know much about him, but I love this piece.

Here we have a fellow Greek guitarist, who goes by the name Gus G, performing a solo and one of his songs, ‘SKG’. He was one of Ozzy‘s guitarists for a while.

Finally, and this one is a local guy, we have Dan Patlansky, who I had the pleasure of seeing live, and by live I mean I sat on the ground two metres in front of him and watched him perform for a couple of hours with my mouth half open. No, it was not me recording the video, but I WAS that close. For the love of God, give the man some views!

My personal favourite is Dan the Man Patlansky, because you gotta support the local guys!

Of course I didn’t forget Malmsteen! Ladies and Gentlemen, unfortunately there are not any decent quality videos of the great grandfather of virtuoso guitar, but here’s a record track of his work:

Speed metal, neo-classical guitar and virtuoso show-off pieces were just a phase, but what a phase it was! I’m now stuck in blues. So tell me, commenter, what do you listen to, and why? Please don’t say ‘everything’, because that’s impossible. Just say what you like most. Be honest! What do you scroll to first in your music library?

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