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A Must Read: Freakonomics

How does one draw common qualities between sumo-wrestling and teaching in the USA? Well, Levitt can do it.

Here’s  a TED video where Levitt talks about one of the many topics he covers in Freakonomics.

The book titled Freakonomics is the result of combining the brilliant creative vision of a left-brainer with the know-how of a fully trained economic analyst. If you ever want to develop a decent understanding of the world and its dynamics, you have to read this book. They have also published other books following this one. If you wish to read them all, I encourage you to do so, but at the very least, read one of them and understand the message behind it.



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Extract from War of the Element (II)

Well, here she is, a piece of political beauty, the kettle boiling over, the point of no return. Enjoy.


Vorith had since flown back to orbit with the remainder of his troops, while General Shellet remained as the acting commander of Inner System forces on Titan. There were still some splinter groups who were unaware of their recent defeat, but it would takes years for many of them to accept it anyway. Vorith knew that, so he left Shellet in charge – a smart young chap, he was – and ordered the fleet to begin preparations to return home. The war was nearly over. He had received a pre-recorded message as soon as he boarded The Quasar, shown to him by Captain Glune himself. It was a request from the governor of Jupiter’s small municipality of gas-mining stations for peaceful negotiations. He felt he had to oblige. ‘Invite him and a small entourage aboard. We’ll pick him up before we head back,’ he told Glune.

‘Yes, sir.’


He made his way back to the command centre of the flagship, where he met with four of the generals who had evacuated with him.

Vorith would make the announcement that the war was over. He felt personally responsible for such a monumental statement – more so than a leader usually would, but that was because all reporters and media companies had been left behind. He realised he could make up a whole new story, and they would be none the wiser.

One of his generals remained standing after they saluted him. ‘Vorith,’ he began, looking anxious.

‘You shouldn’t be calling me that. Don’t start now. It’s commander in chief, officially.’


‘Sir. Before the political leaders arrive for the debriefing, we wanted to express our gratitude and respect for your taking command these last few months. We understand it is an immense responsibility, one that should not be held by any democratic leader.’

Vorith barely looked up from his notes.

‘Well, I’d hardly call myself a democratic leader. I wasn’t actually voted in anywhere. Hell, the people back home don’t even know I’m acting commander.’ Vorith continued to study his clipboard, going over dozens of fatality and damage reports. The general shifted his stance, standing straight with his hands held behind him. It pushed his chest out, and showed the beginnings of a corpulent stomach. His thinning hair was gelled back, and the other three generals stood up as well, the one taking his hat off. The atmosphere suddenly grew tense. Vorith felt it, looking up and paying attention for the first time since he entered the room.


‘What we’re trying to say, sir, is that we have appreciated your command until now. It has brought nothing but victory to the Inner System. All we want you to know is, if the situation were to arise, we would remain loyal, to you, and, to you alone.’ He looked at the other three. They nodded. ‘You have the unquestioned loyalty of the military behind you.’


A nail-biter, no?

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Welcome to my new blog. It has all the shiny things

Greetings, fellow travelers of the grand causeway of life and beyond. This is my first blog post on WordPress, though not my first written piece. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Savva Pouroullis, a Greek South African. Although I am young, I have been writing for several years. My first serious writing experience came in the form of short monthly articles in a local newspaper, starting at 400 words and eventually working my way up to the 1500 word mark. This column was titled Inside the Minds of Teenagers. It was an endeavour on my part to explore and explain the multitude of topics which piqued my interest and compelled me to higher thought.

Now, five years after that journey began, I am on the verge of completing and publishing my first novel, where I explore the myriad of philosophies I have accumulated and test the literary skills I have acquired. It is titled War of the Element. More on that later. I’ll do the promotions in a separate blog post. If you’re interested, look out for it.

Now, I’m sure you’re waiting to see what exactly these blog posts will be about. To be entirely frank, I am not sure myself. I’m starting the post to promote my novel and to discuss the issues I explore therein. But, of course, teenagers are quite spontaneous and impulsive. I may just decide to ramble on about my experiences on GTA 5, my musical interests, or the works of Nietzsche, if I so wish. In fact, I probably will. Don’t move too far from the wireless.

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